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SP Engineering is proud to offer Alcon's latest brake packages for the R35 GT-R dubbed the Alcon Superkit Street and Alcon Superkit Race. If your GT-R sees ANY track time, you're probably already aware that the OEM brake system has its limitations especially under heavy/constant load. These packages are for the GT-R owners who push their cars to the limit and demand a brake system that can keep up. Both Superkits offer a complete upgrade front and rear; brand new calipers, rotors, pads, and brake lines. Both kits are currently in stock ready to ship, so please contact us for your GTRLIFE discount!

Superkit Street - $12,999.00 MSRP $CALL
  • Superkit Street Calipers, front and rear (Metallic grey painted finish)
  • Superkit Street Rotors, front and rear ("C" Groove, semi float)
  • Pagid RS9-2 pads, front and rear
  • Goodridge SS Lines, front and rear
Superkit Race - $14,999.00 MSRP $CALL
  • Superkit Race Calipers, front and rear (Nickel Plated Finish)
  • Superkit Race Rotors, front and rear ("S" Groove, full float)
  • Pagid RS29, front and rear pads
  • Goodridge SS Lines, front and rear
Additional information below:
  • MONOBLOCK CALIPER CONSTRUCTION: Both front and rear calipers we're machined from a single block of Billet Aluminum for strength, and we're designed to bolt directly to the factory upright without any additional brackets or hardware. Both the Street and Race kit share the same caliper design with the exception of the caliper finish. The Street kit calipers come in a metallic grey painted finish, while the Race kit calipers are nickel plated for durability and heat resistance.
  • LARGER PADS AND ROTORS: Alcon's Superkit calipers we're designed to accept a MASSIVE 400x36mm disc front, and 385x33mm disc rear, one of the largest options on the market today. The larger surface area increases the brake systems thermal capacity and overall brake torque, translating to more effective braking on the track.
  • SEMI FLOAT / FULL FLOAT BOBBIN SYSTEM: The Street kit features a semi floating bobbin system while the Race kit is a full floating system. Both systems allow for thermal expansion which helps to reduce noise and harshness under load.
  • "C" GROOVE (STREET) / "S" GROOVE (RACE): Alcon's Superkit rotors feature "C" or "S" grooves which aids in improving initial bite, continuously refreshing the pad's friction surface and prevents the build-up of gas between the pad and disc surface. The "C" groove found in the Street kit is designed to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness, while the "S" groove found in the Race kit is designed for higher intial bite and better suited for track applications.
  • PAGID RS9-2 / PAGID RS29 PADS: Pagid's RS29 compound is a low wearing endurance material which offer good initial bite, stable friction levels, all while maintaining low disc wear. For street or dual purpose use, the Pagid RS9-2 tends to work better (especially at colder disc temperatures), making it a better "streetable" dual purpose material that produces lower levels of noise. The RS29 tends to have a pure motorsport pad with
    higher initial bite and is more stable at the elevated temperatures found on the race track.
  • Contact Us: PM / CALL (626-333-5398) / EMAIL ([email protected])
  • Local customers: We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. Will call available.
  • International customers: Payments must be made by wire transfer only. Please contact us for details.
Note: Images below show the Superkit Street. Superkit Race images will be posted as soon as they become available.

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