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While Puerto Rico might be small compared to other countries, it is the epicenter of performance cars in the Caribbean. Over the past 6 years AMS has built a solid relationship with Predator Performance and they were one of the first companies to install our ALPHA GT-R packages when first released. Predator has a reputation for orchestrating top quality builds and their work with the ALPHA GT-R's is no different!

1 mile and ½ mile events have been gaining popularity all over the world. In Puerto Rico they use a runway at the Rafael Hernandez Airport to host the "PR ½ Mile Event".

Since its inception the event has been dominated by the ALPHA equipped GT-R's built by Predator Performance. The field is packed with very quick, high-end, high-performance cars including Porsches, Ferraris, Corvettes and even a twin turbo Gallardo. The entrees for this third event were no different and it was no surprise that the ALPHA GT-R's came out on top yet again and by a huge margin! As you can see from the listing below the GT-R's were running the show. Every highlighted entry is a car built by Predator Performance.

Winning the entire event was an ALPHA 10 GT-R owned by Jose I Carro running 179.99mph in just a ½ mile!! This monster was built by Predator Performance and custom tuned by AMS tuner Chris Black.

The runner up was Edgardo Melendez in his fully built ALPHA 9 GT-R running a very impressive 178.57mph in the ½ mile.

Coming in third was another ALPHA 10 GT-R owned by Ubaldo Santago. Ubaldo currently holds the record for Puerto Rico's quickest GT-R with a [email protected]. A broken drive shaft early on in the event ended his day leaving him with a best run of 177.44mph.

Overall the event was a HUGE success! You'll be happy to know that the local airport has agreed to 6 more ½ mile events in 2012!

Here are some more pictures from the event:

TT Gallardo

Carlos' ALPHA 9 GT-R

It's hard to believe such a small island is home to so many GT-R's

Predator Performance would like to thank their sponsors for their continued support:

AMS Performance
TS Promotions
Outback Steakhouse
PR Wheels Magazine
Sunoco Racing Fuels
ZFO Photo Designs
Graphic Printing
Aros y Gomas

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Sam, on our 217mph pass we did 188.0 in the 1/2 mile with Andrew Hadeeds ALPHA 12. Wind conditions were very similar ot this event.

188 is flying , I'm sure Martin's Alpha 12+ would be close to 200mph since it went 170 in 1/4 !

send that bad boy to vegas.. ill run it for you in the CA 1/2 mile event ! hehe
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