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Alternative fuel line setup

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I'm noticing some variance between my bank 1 and 2 O2 sensor readings (i.e 11.5 vs 12.2)
passanger side bank is always reading leaner than driver's side so i thought it might have something to do with the way
my current fuel layout stands. (see pic: stock_fuel_layout.jpg)

The fuel coming from pumps 1st feeds the driver's side bank and then
connects to the passanger side bank and then goes to the return line after going through the FPR.

So i'm thinking about turning it into this (see pic: alternative.jpg)

Please let me know what you think about it.


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The stock setup is OK, but feeding both rails 1st is better. However if you are seeing variance between banks, could be any number of things, O2 sensors, Boost Leak, injectors, MAF calibration ect. If its only at WOT is could be the fuel starvation but more than likely its something else.
I've seen this a ton now, bank to bank variations, and they've all been due to exhaust leaks at the downpipe. Loose flanges, warped flanges, cracked downpipes, etc. I'd make sure all that stuff is 100% before beating your head against the wall.

There's been A LOT of power made on the normal fuel line configuration with no problems.

To put things in perspective, an ID1000 at 100% duty cycle is the equivalent of about a 30 thousandths (.030") hole! Doesn't take nearly as much fuel line and rail size to make power as some people think.
i've ruled out injectors and o2 sensor by swapping banks. can't be MAF as i've been running speed density and this is mostly noticeable at WOT driving.

gonna check for exhaust leaks but i doubt it, had checked them quite recently. thx for the ideas anyway, gonna check some of them to see if any of those help.
Log cam advance for both banks and make sure they are both on target.

Had a similar problem on a car with a built motor and one bank wouldn't go over about 20 deg. Seals in the tube that goes in the cam gear were trashed on installation and not allowing enough pressure for full cam advance on one bank.

Since SD, if airflow is off on one bank you'll see this result.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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