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This 2007 C6 Z51 came to us with a stock LS2 and an APS kit w/ custom 3" DP's and 3" exhaust with no mufflers, fuel system upgrades with surge tank ( unknown ), AEM single nozzle meth kit, AEM True Boost, Z06 body kit, Z06 wheels and a few other odds and ends, but was in need of some TLC.

The customer purchased the car used and has had many issues since with turbo failures, exhaust leaks, clutch issues and it ran poorly. We got digging into the car and found many, many issues that needed to be resolved and then some as we got deeper into the project:

• The fuel system had standard rubber hose on push lock fitting which was all brittle, burned or ready to crack.
• We found that an induction had come off on the driver's side and therefore sucked lots of dirt and debris through the turbo which ruined it, packed the drivers intercoolers and unfortunately the motor saw some of this as well. The charge pipes were rubbed through on both sides from improper installation and tire contact.
• There were numerous burned wires and vac. lines.
• 1 broken 02 sensor
• Pass. side downpipe was leaking badly due to missing hardware
• Exhaust poorly adjusted and out of hangers
• Meth system installed incorrectly and therefore not functioning. Washer solvent was used
• The wiring for the meth, true boost & fuel system were a disaster.
• There was low impedance injectors with resistor boxes installed which 1 was broken. The injector harness was all hacked up as well.
• The torque tube input shaft was found damaged upon removal.
• 2 bolts missing from bell housing
• Radiator cradle only in by 1 of the 4 bolts
• Crank pulley wobbling
• Diff and trans seeping and covered in dirt/grime
• Air horns crammed in inner bumper 
I think the above notes cover most of the issues…
The route of attack was to perform a leak down and compression test which surprisingly was OK. We then received the go ahead to move forward with the project. The list below is all the new items, repairs, upgrades we performed:

• PRC .650 kit (retained stock cam shaft)
• Comp pushrods
• SLP / PB crank pulley w/ ARP bolt
• GM input shaft, GM pilot bearing,
• DSS 3" driveshaft and couple kit
• McLeod RXT w/ steel flywheel
• GM slave
• AMS remote bleed line
• APS manifolds smoothed and ceramic coated
• APS Z06 intercoolers
• PTE Billet upgrade HP5830's w/ revised intake tubing
• K&N filters RE-0930's
• Flush and clean all inlet/charge pipes and intake manifold of dirt, grime and debris
• Readjusted and repair charge pipes. Install new SS couplers in the event of tire contact
• Upgrade AEM to dual nozzle and fab MAF delete pipe which houses nozzles and IAT
• GM 02 sensors with new extensions
• FIC 1000 CC injectors, repaired wiring harness with new clips and removed resistor boxes
• MSD wires
• NGK TR7 plugs
• Revised all fuel lines, fittings and relocated regulator
• Revised all vacuum lines
• Relocated breather catch can
• Designed a relay and fuse distribution block
• Rewired fuel system, meth, true boost
• AEM wideband with custom mounting in center vents w/ meth indicator LED and refinished center console
• M1 50/50 mix for methanol
• Diff and trans fluids serviced
• OEM horns
• Repaired radiator cradle and secured properly
• Lots of heat insulating to protect wiring, fuel lines and vacuum lines.
• 2 bar MAP and AMS Tune via HP Tuners
• Detailed
We wanted to stay safe with the car seeing that is had been thru some hard times, so boost was kept at a safe 10 psi. 93 octane w/ Meth
Results are on our Mustang Dyno are as follows (approx. 10% lower than a Dyno Jet)

584 rwhp / 537 rwtq

The turbo's come on very fast and due to the car being on plain street tires its worthless 1st-3rd gear and depending on the road only gets decent traction in 4th. The customer picked up the car Friday 9/30 and was very pleased with it driving like stock and getting almost 30mpg on the ride home!

The car went to the track just 2 days later with the same street tires and little seat time, but he still managed an [email protected] I know he is working on getting some drag radials to get back out before the season is up to see how it will really run. I think the car is good for mid-lower 10's at 135+.

Here are some pics of the project :


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Great work AMS! How long did this project take? Seems like a lot of work needed to be done!

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LOL we get a lot of "I took my car to XYZ shop and they messed it up can you fix it" work. With that being said if a customer is really dedicated to getting it fixed we have a pretty broad spectrum of work we can perform. The only cars we don't touch are cars that the owners are not willing to put the money into them to make them right. I mean we are building a twin turbo small block Hearse right now if that says anything.

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