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AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade Kit

1500HP Capable, Unmatched Performance and Fitment

The AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) is one of the best performing, best looking intercooler upgrades you can buy and has 9 second time slips to back it up. This is the same durable, race proven front mount intercooler used on our world record setting Alpha 9, 10 & 12 packages and has proven to be efficient up to 1500HP. This direct bolt-on intercooler has over 30% more internal flow area than its stock counterpart, works with stock piping and does not require any cutting or trimming! This intercooler bolts on so nice and clean you would swear it was an OEM Nissan piece!!

AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Alpha Induction Kit

Accurate Airflow Metering Provides Big Power And Perfect Driveability

By changing to a blow-through style MAF we have eliminated the problems associated with running big power on a factory pull-through system. Smoother driveability and a higher peak HP threshold (when used with our ALPHA MAF sensors) can be achieved while still using a 3" pipe… we have proven well over 1400HP to date. This blow-through conversion allows for much better measurement of the airflow that is actually entering the engine and allows you to run a BOV that will vent to atmosphere without the consequences of a standard MAF.

  • Blow-through conversion eliminates driveability problems
  • More accurate metering of air-flow for smoother part-throttle operation
  • Proven efficient to over 1400HP
  • 76mm (3") piping for increased power output
  • Cold air intake system for cooler air charge
  • Simple solution for changing BOV's
  • Extensively tested and proven solution
Product Notes
  • Designed to fit with the AMS FMIC. Installing this product on any other intercooler will require additional parts and custom fabrication.
  • AMS Innovation Makes Changing Blow Off Valves Easy!

    We took a new approach on accommodating different BOV's making it easier than ever to swap them out. Instead of the traditional welding on of the appropriate flange we incorporated a threaded boss that you can screw on a flange for either a stock, HKS or TiAL valve. Now there is no need to cut off and weld on flange

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