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AMS Tuned For The Win

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Big thanks to Chris Black & AMS for tuning my car (EVO) so awesome... it had more power than I could handle.

I was with Midwest Council At Black Hawk Farms for a high speed auto cross. I was in the SS class and won it by a touch over 2sec's.

I also set a new class record for SS (Super Street)
old record = 1:25.809
my new record = 1:23.172

The power curve was incredible. As you will notice in the video, I left at least 2 seconds on the track. I am very timid and do not push the car to its limits. The video shows my second run. We were rained out after the third run and no one could improve their times.

Overall a perfect weekend and a great win for the Evo. This was my second year winning first. Last year I raced the GTR and defeated one of the club veterans.

Silver 05 8 MR

AMS FMIC, AMS TBE, AMS LICP, CAI, Walbro 255, Ex Twin HD, NGK BPR7es Plugs, Endura-Tech CT9A F=8k - R=9k Coilovers, AEM Tru Boost & A/R, AMS Lower Engine Mount, SS Break Lines, SS Clutch Line, ARP Head Studs, GSC S1 cams, GSC Beehive valve springs, Stock 23mm SB (F), 23mm Cusco SB®, AEM A/R, AMS shifter bushings, BeatRush Tray, EVO 9 turbo, Meagan O2h, 18psi wastegate

Revs 7800 rpm
AMS tuned 93oct 345 AWHP & 340 TQ
AMS tuned 100oct 393 AWHP & 397 TQ

'10 GTR premium (100% stock)
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Nicely done! Evos are quite formidable when set up properly.
Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for coming by!

Now lets get that GTR in here!
The GTR will probably stay stock for the next 3.5 years. I have an extended warrenty and plan to race the car a lot. Don't want any issues against claims. If you know what I mean
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Video updated with more videos of the GTR. enjoy
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