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I have purchased just about all of my audio equipment for my GT-R and other cars from Andy. I started out with his full diy setup, and then went for more with an Audison Full DA Setup. Just as I was about finished with my install Andy came out with the Fiberglass Subwoofer Enclosure with the 12" Hertz Sub. Once I saw it I had to have it! Andy put it all together and shipped in 2 days from the UK. It arrived 2 days later well packaged and great quality.

I finally finished my install yesterday after many weekends working on it, and everything works great! I'll be having a shop perform an Audison Bit Tune on it at the end of the week to get it sounding perfect.

Anyone looking to upgrade their Audio is going to want to contact Andy. His Plug n' Play adapters and setups make it so easy.

Thanks again Andy, and I'm sure i'll be getting a set of Mille's and going active in the spring.

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