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We released this info to the media last week but we wanted to take the time to announce it publicly to the GT-R community. We have been working with Amuse for nearly the entire history of our company and we have enjoyed a great relationship with them for a long time. We were the first to use Amuse products on the R35 platform outside of Japan and we were instrumental in working with them to expand their offerings for higher horsepower GT-Rs that the international market demanded. We could not be more proud that Amuse has trusted us formally to represent them across the globe, for all markets outside of Japan.

As always please contact us for any questions or inquiries about Powerhouse Amuse products for your GT-R. You can read the release in full below. We will probably add some of our favorite Amuse products and stories to the thread later.

SOURCE: Bulletproof Automotive
Bulletproof Automotive
April 16, 2015 11:00 ET

Japan's Legendary Titanium Exhaust Manufacturer and Tuner Powerhouse Amuse Goes Worldwide
Amuse Partners With Bulletproof Automotive for Global Distribution

HAWTHORNE, CA--(Marketwired - April 16, 2015) - Powerhouse Amuse is a brand already widely known from their complete cars which are prominently featured in the Sony PlayStation video game series Gran Turismo. While the cars are top performers in the virtual world, to spot a real life diehard Amuse fan you just need to spot a car with the instantly distinguishable, heat-treated, gold-ringed, titanium exhaust. If you ask an Amuse-equipped car owner how they feel about the parts, you are likely to find a fiercely loyal Amuse believer. After experiencing Amuse's intoxicating sound and artisan craftsmanship details it is no surprise that Amuse products are frequently the most prized possessions of a discerning car enthusiast.

Amuse's ascension to legendary stature perhaps began with their pioneering production of titanium exhaust systems for street and racing vehicles, originally stemming from a special relationship with Japan's leader in the finest raw titanium materials -- Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. Years of close friendship resulted in Amuse being granted access to a proprietary and unique blend of titanium -- "STTI", which is extremely durable, despite being unbelievably light. Despite many in the market trying to copy the Amuse look, the special materials they use are one of many unique advantages that Amuse exhausts carry.
As they have consistently been amongst the top performing time attack and street vehicles, Amuse-built cars have gained global popularity. In addition, Hitoshi Matsui, President of Powerhouse Amuse, is famous for his overall tuning knowledge and driving skill. His insight, coupled with Amuse's decades of experience in racing, are directly translated into each and every high performance Amuse product. Amuse also extends their focus beyond Japanese cars, utilizing their Ericsson brand when producing applications for European sports cars such as their popular BMW M3 and M5 offerings.

While often associated only with their titanium exhausts, Amuse is also highly regarded for their aerodynamic parts, which include beautifully detailed, high quality construction produced in a variety of exotic materials. It is no secret that weight reduction and high downforce lead to great performance, and within that realm Amuse always pushes boundaries by utilizing the newest technologies available. Titanium and carbon fiber -- the holy grails of automotive materials -- represent strength, lightness, and beauty, and as such are Amuse's ingredients of choice.

Amuse's tuning philosophy is one without compromise. A hallmark of all Amuse complete cars is balanced and nimble performance that perform at the highest level in all scenarios. Amuse products have never been intended for the masses, rather they are designed specifically to Amuse's own exacting tastes and standards. The resulting products are made to serve like-minded car enthusiasts who demand the world's best quality, performance and craftsmanship.

Amuse and Bulletproof Automotive began working together in 2001 when Bulletproof's founder Ben Schaffer first imported an exhaust from the specialty manufacturer. "I was blown away by the quality. It was the first time in my life I had seen a car tuning product that was so astonishingly beautiful, lightweight, and impeccably engineered. When I first opened that Amuse exhaust box, I felt guilty installing it on the car; I wanted to hang it on the wall so every detail in the craftsmanship could be admired up close. That special feeling has never gone away and I routinely hear of similar experiences from our clients. It has been a great pleasure over the years to introduce Amuse to clients who have never experienced such an extreme degree of quality and performance," said Ben Schaffer, President of Bulletproof Automotive.

Amuse has recently deepened their affiliation with Bulletproof Automotive by appointing Bulletproof Automotive as the exclusive international distributor for the Amuse and Ericsson brands. Bulletproof manages the international network of authorized dealers as well as providing direct export sales of all Amuse and Ericsson products worldwide.

"Bulletproof Automotive has been supporting Amuse for many years. Over those years we have grown close and we share the same passion for car tuning, the same eye for design and the same beliefs that quality should never be compromised. Bulletproof is very helpful in communicating the values of Amuse and explaining our products to sports car owners overseas. Amuse is a small company with a deep focus on quality. Our parts are handmade and time intensive to make. It takes skill and passion to make our parts, we are excited to share our passion with more car owners around the world," said Hitoshi Matsui, President of Powerhouse Amuse.
Amuse™, Ericsson™, Hi TECH-ROM™, R1 Titan™, R1000™, and Hi TECH-DAMPER™ branded products are available for worldwide delivery from Bulletproof Automotive and authorized dealers. Visit to learn more.

Contact: [email protected]
Ph: +1 213 745 6954

About Bulletproof Automotive -
Bulletproof Automotive, LLC was established in 2000 and is an industry leader in the distribution of high end automotive tuning and customization products. Bulletproof has developed a following of millions of likeminded car enthusiasts who believe in quality, innovation and authenticity. Each year the company produces award winning vehicles to demonstrate the creativity, quality and innovation that speaks for Bulletproof's ideals. Those same ideals are what lend to Bulletproof's clients cars routinely also reaching the heights of the industry on the race track, the streets and the car shows of the world. Bulletproof Automotive is an international organization with sales routes worldwide and holding offices in Los Angeles and Bangkok.
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