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Today I'm excited to announce NAGTROC 2.0.

NAGTROC 2.0 is an inside out upgrade to the site that consists of a number of core changes. While these changes are extensive, they're all aimed at improving the usability and quality of the site. Some of the new features we've included in NAGTROC 2.0 are:
  • Faster, more efficient forum engine with improved posting and accessibility
  • A new thread tagging feature to find similar threads forum wide
  • Much improved searching
  • Fully redone private messaging
  • Cleaner member profiles
To add to that, we've also added a few more things into the upgrade:
  • New mobile interface. You can now follow forum activity much better on Android and Apple mobile devices
  • New vendor review section. Now you can share all of your positive and negative experiences with vendors and products.
  • NAGTROC FAQ. There's more than a little misinformation floating around about the GT-R and many new members don't know where to start. Now we've started an official FAQ to address that issue.
These are only a few of the new features. There are many more that we've implemented under the surface. For more on this upgrade click here or visit the NAGTROC 2.0 section we've temporarily created here.

We've been working on putting these updates together for a long time and we're very excited with the new site and hope you will be too.

Thanks for helping to make NAGTROC the best GT-R site in the world.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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