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Drew brought his beautiful 2014 GT-R to our shop all the way from New Mexico, where the motor was rebuilt and upgraded turbochargers installed. Looking to achieve the full potential out of his current setup, Drew came to us for some maintenance and a Boostin' Performance Cobb Accessport Flex Fuel Pro Tune on our AWD Mustang Dyno. During our initial inspection, we located a few possible issues that warranted a more thorough investigation. When we removed the oil pan, we discovered metal shavings, a semi locked oil pump, as well as some ball bearings from what ended up being the drivers side aftermarket turbocharger.
Luckily, in us being proactive, we were able to discover these issues before any major engine damage was done, and got Drew set up on the right path.

We sent out both turbochargers to be inspected and repaired, and quickly got started with tearing down the motor. We start the foundation of any high horsepower GT-R build with our Boostin Performance Stage 3 Short Block Package and our BP Cylinder Head Package. Our BP Stage 3 Short Block is decked, cylinders are honed, ARP Main Studs installed before the mains get line honed, and the rotating assembly is precisely balanced for 8K+ RPM operation. The CNC porting option included with our BP Stage 3 Cylinder Head Package reshapes the combustion chambers, as well as the runners, and is more accurate and balanced than traditional porting. This proven and stout combination is the same motor package that is in Kristin's daily driven, record setting, Alpha 10 GT-R!

Drew has already put about 600 miles on the car since picking her up 3 days ago!

-Boostin Performance Stage 3 Short Block (http://shop.boostinp...short-block.htm)
-Boostin Performance Stage 3 Cylinder Heads with Kelford Cams (http://shop.boostinp...clyhead-gtr.htm)
-Full Blown GTX28R Turbochargers
-T1 Flex Fuel Kit
-Injector Dynamics 2000cc Injectors
-Boost Logic Speed Density Kit
-AMS Alpha Performance Oil Cooler
-Greddy FMIC and piping kit
-Boostin Performance Cobb Accessport Flex Fuel Pro Tune on Both 93 oct & E85

This is what we found during the inspection......lucky it wasn't too late

Let the rebuild begin!!

We have a Mustang Dyno here in house at Boostin, and Drew's GTR made:
* 708WHP & 665 WTQ on 93 oct Pump Gas
* 772 WHP & 768 WTQ on E85

If we're talking Dynojet numbers, Drew is making around 900 WHP.

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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