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Just like you never know when a dead battery will strike, you never know when a low or flat tire might ruin your day, either.

Our Microstart Compact Tire Inflator proved its worth in everyday life once again today, quickly airing up a tire with a slow leak. It’s not just for tires though; this tiny but mighty pump can also air up sports equipment, air mattresses for camping or floaties for the water and includes adapters for multiple types of connections.

That's why the Micro-Start Compact Tire Inflator is a must-have in every emergency kit, and it's ultra-compact design is small enough to bring along on a motorcycle.

At just 24.99, it's peace of mind that fits in your pocket.

Portable Tire Inflator/Mini Air Pump

The tire inflator comes with a standard DC 12V bayonet adapter - ideal for connecting to a Micro-Start - and with a standard cigarette lighter cord as well, offering different options to power the pump.

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