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Attention K-Mart Shoppers

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The day finally came and I took delivery of a Red B/E on Saturday. First, I'd like to say thanks to the guys at Boulder Nissan for making this a great experience. Ed, Trent, and Dave, you guys are awesome. The car was ready to go, paperwork was seamless, and Dave took the time to explain the car and its features to me. Besides the performance attributes of the car, it is a rolling piece of technology. I had no idea so many things were available through the MFD. It only adds to the coolness of the car. It puts the features on my wife's former Audi Q5 to shame (she/we have an M3 on order for her). I guess what I'm trying to say is that you get a hell of a lot for the price of the car!

After going over the car, I finally got my first drive in any GTR. WOW! Although I was not able to tap into its full potential, I could tell what lies beneath. I only gave it 60% throttle and was impressed. The boost is amazing. I also like the way it rides and the noises the drivetrain makes. It is a visceral feeling car from what little time I've had with it. I can't wait to get it broken in and see what the car truly can do. Indeed the naysayers are wrong. I've been fortunate enough to own a Lamborghini Gallardo SuperLeggera and a 911 GT3. Both are great cars but insofar as what I can tell, the GTR has some of the good characteristics of both. The steering on the GTR is more like a RWD car as opposed to the lambo's heavy steering-especially at low speeds. It is more Porsche like. Yet you have the AWD for superior traction like the lambo. But the GTR's AWD system is much better. You can tell the Gallardo is AWD but the GTR acts more like a RWD car to a degree. These are only my initial impressions but I am liking what I see so far.
Well done Nissan. Here some pics of the big day and thanks to everyone on the forum for all of your help throughout this process.

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Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Car
Car Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Hood
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Wow, well done. Beautiful car- you will love it for sure. The break in is painful, but once you are through that- what a blast. Enjoy and congrats. Boulder guys do a great job.
Congrats. Glad to hear your impressions relative to some well-respected cars. Enjoy.
welcome to the red GTR club!
Congrats! You've got the car I want next.

Your opinion (comparing the Gallardo and GT3) is intriguing. Thanks for your review!

How long are you going to ride around with the plastic on the seats :)
Congrats...glad you like it.
wow its so beautiful

fml im so jealous... first red BE on the forum? i think so
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man that thing is sooo nasty. I am a new owner as well, but i haven't even got to drive it yet. I won't until January. I am so happy for you, but it makes me want to go home now to drive mine.

Congratulations on a super bad effing (BE) GT-R.
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Very nice, and welcome to the new owners club. I picked mine up in Milwaukee on Aug. 27 and have loved every second of the 400+ miles I have driven the car so far. I am actually in the Denver Metro area now and drove by Boulder Nissan yesterday. Wish I had seen you with the car as I have yet to see a Red GTR in person. ENJOY!
welcome and enjoy your new ride..
Congrats!!!! Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you. I will pass on your compliments to the team. Be sure and post up your impressions of the car once you get a chance to get some time in the car. Thanks again for your business we appreciate it.
Congratulations! Red is one of the hottest color, and some say fastest color as well, lol.
Congrats on the great looking Red BE... and have no doubt, reds are the fastest!
I like your comparisons.

Good to see owners of past exotics step into high performance NIssan
Your new Red BE looks awesome.......congrats!! Would love to see a few more pics. Thanks!
Thanks everyone for the compliments and encouragement! The car is being shipped to its new home in Phoenix tomorrow and I should have it by this weekend. Then the plastic will come off, LOL, and it will get detailed, have a clear bra put on and and I'm thinking some of that new carbon window tint. After that, it's all about the driving and getting the break in done. As soon as I have it cleaned and ready to go, I'll post up some more pics. Thanks again and I can't wait to get to
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