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Hey New England GTR owners! Kaizen Tuning is running a few specials in the shop for our New England GTR owners. We'll be running these specials until the end of August, so contact me to take advantage of these offers before they are gone!​

Kaizen Tuning is your go-to place for brakes. From DBA, Hawk, AP Racing, Alcon, Endless, and the new Project Mu, we have all the top brands, and we are now offering specials on top of our great service and products!
  • Purchase a complete set of brake pads and rotors with installation at Kaizen Tuning, and we will perform a MOTUL brake fluid flush while your GTR is in the shop for FREE.
  • Purchase a complete set of brake pads and rotors for carry out or shipping, and receive two free bottles of MOTUL RBF600 brake fluid to perform your own brake fluid flush for FREE.

Kaizen Tuning is one of only 4 HKS Pro Dealers in the USA. We offer and stand behind HKS products 100%.
  • Until the end of August, purchase a set of HKS Hipermax IV GT, or SP coilovers for your GTR, and we will install them FREE

Kaizen Tuning recognizes how costly the appropriate dealer maintenance can be on your GTR. At Kaizen Tuning we offer superior service, with the know how to work on the GTR. At your local delership, the GTR technician works on only a handful of GTRs in between the massive amounts of Maximas, Altimas, and Sentras they see. At Kaizen Tuning we work on GTRs everyday, and we own what we work on.
  • Until the end of August, our 18,000/36,000 mile scheduled maintenance on your GTR is only $999.95 + tax & fees!
Our 18,000/36,000 mile service Includes:
MOTUL 300V Synthetic oil change with OEM Nissan Oil filter​
MOTUL front & rear differential service​
MOTUL transmission oil service​
Performance 4-wheel Alignment​

Contact me today to book your service in the shop at Kaizen Tuning

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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