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bad a55 2012 ,CEC rims, Black tips , yellow calipers, Tint ........

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Modified by CEC in Cali.
Waiting for more pics.
I thought they may be a new style adv1 but guess not.
Still a very cool GTR


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Version 1.0 - More parts and mods are coming!!!!

Wheel and Tire Specs:
CEC C882 Forged Wheels
Matte Black Finish
21x 9.5 - Front
21x11 - Rear
Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Tires

3M Brushed Matte Gray Finish wrap
Custom "R" Logos - Painted in "Ferrari Yellow"
Custom OEM Brembo Calipers - Painted in "Ferrari Yellow"
Front Grille, Hood Vents, Door Handles, Fender Trims - Painted in Gloss Black
"Smoked" Bumper lenses and tail lights

Meisterschaft Stainless GT Exhaust System
Meisterschaft Stainless Mid Pipe
Custom "CEC Edition" Texture High Temp Coated Exhaust Tips

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very nice, thanks for the pics !!!!!
Topic title corrected.
Is that a Gumpert in the showroom window?
LOL why did you take the GT out of GTR?!??!
Isn't that Russell Westbrooke in the picture? If it is I would assume they did it for "Russell."
I was just thinking, that guy looks really really familiar.

Isn't that Russell Westbrooke in the picture? If it is I would they did it for "Russell."
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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