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BE 2012 paddle shifters and interior dome light?

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I work for a dealership but drove cross country to secure the pearl white 2012 BE I had been searching for.

2 questions complaints as my buddy is the master tech (GTR Certified) for my Nissan dealership. I have yet to get the car over to him. Waiting on my cobb CAIs and BOVs to arrive 1st.

1- the paddle shifters appear to be almost dirty in some areas but no cleaner or solvent will clean them. The dealer I purchased from says the in the BE edition this is normal due to the interior differences. Anyone else with a BE verify? I do not have another I can compare it to.

2- the small orange cabin light overhead located on the map light area does not illuminate even when interior illumination is in the on position in the settings. Does the otage overhead cabin light exist in the GTR or BE version for that matter. I know it does on my Other nissans 2009+.

Thanks fir any help, glad to have finally bought the GTR of my dreams.
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Orange, not "otage"... Sorry I'm very tired.
Its purposely like that to show the raw magnesium material...not a design choice i would have made...but it is what it is

yeah there is supposed to be a light there.. could be a short or something
What about the orange interior lighting overhead? Is this not featured on the GTR? The hole is there like the LED would be present but it does not illuminate?

Thanks for the quick reply on the P Shifters.
The middle part of the map light is same as the 370z and that is illuminated
So is there a setting I may be missing to turn it on or do you assume it's just a burnt out led or bad connection?
GTR doesn't have the led

I just put a wide angle red led in there and took power from one of the wires that had constant power with ignition on
1- same for me . The paddle shifts are dirty here as well on my BE
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