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Bigger wing or wingless?

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I'm considering some new cosmetic mods and I am looking at either a GTC dry carbon wing or Yoshi/Revozport duckbill. I realize the two are very different looks. If I go with the GTC wing I will have to patch the holes in my oem trunk and repaint but if I go with the duckbill I believe I will simply just install as-is. I am very torn as both are very nice enhancements to the lines of the GTR.

Recommendations? And has anyone figured out a third brake light solution?
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Wingless, I love mine, really sets the car apart. Really don't care about a 3rd brake light, more clutter in the rear in my opinion.
E, for your car I'd go wingless, get a matching cf hood and call it a day
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I'm biased to wingless
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Hi Evan

If u want the GTC wing i know where to get it.
i vote wingless.....for obvious reasons

i was following my mates 2012 with the revozport trunk and i agree you need the 3rd brake light for safety as all 4 tail lights illuminate with the brake and its hard to tell if he was stopping

my 2010 jdm build has only the inner tails illuminating with the brake, and for those with the same spec, the third brake light isnt really needed as you can easily see the brightness difference bw the outer and inner tails

if you go with a bigger wing like the gtc, you need to balance the look with aftermarket wheels and front lip imo

exterior mods with stock wheels just looks el cheapo imo

re matching carbon hood

revozport do an oem replacement, fitment looks mint in these pics
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I vote GT wing. I think the voltex mounts use the oem holes so you don't have to drill. Wings are functional!
Revo Duckbill fo shiz.

I love it
I tried searching and I cannot find a pic of the duckbill installed on a white GTR?
looks like you get to be the first then!
I tried searching and I cannot find a pic of the duckbill installed on a white GTR?
Do it.


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