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[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Price $79,500 First and only owner. Only driver other than GTR Technician. Never launched. Never Winter Driven. Always on Battery Tender when not driven.[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Miles 15,711 as of 7/15/15. [/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]VIN: [/background]JN1AR5EFXDM261268
Oshkosh, WI 54904 or Milwaukee, WI
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Private SaleUnder Factory Warranty[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Original Owner - Hold Title[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]- No Accidents >>>> This car has been cared for very well. I only keep my cars in heated garage. I have a GTR Cover additional $300. GTR Floor mats Included.[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]******************************[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Local Pickup: YesShipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer)[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Will You Ship International: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Payment: Bankloan/Wire Transfer (Car will be released once funds are verified in my account) Title only released after funds verified![/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Returns Accepted: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Contact Method: Email Dale at vin dot com or Phone>>> PM me[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Trades: No[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Will You Allow Test Drives: Yes, for a serious buyer with $5,000 cash deposit.[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Who will be paying for the PPI: Buyer 100%[/background]
[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Why is it for sale: There is a Boat afloat Carrying a 2016 NISMO to my favorite Port! :)[/background]


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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