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Strasse Wheels is proud to introduce the all new 2015 Performance Series SV8 SM! The Sandwich Mount Step Lip which displays not only a very appealing cosmetic update to the much desired Step Lip wheel configuration, but also a functional purpose of reducing weight where the same wheel style with a traditional flat lip does not. Here are a few teaser pics of one of the first set for your viewing pleasure! Let's get some of these bad boys custom built and ordered for some Forum members! If you have any questions about any of the styles and finishes/fitments available, feel free to PM/Email me or give me a call at anytime!

Staring at the wheel I got a sudden urge for a Jolly Rancher!

Wheel Style:
Performance Series SV8 SM

Wheel Finish:
-Brushed Blue Centers
-Brushed Blue Caps
-High Polished Lips
-Blue Fasteners
-Gloss Black Inners
-Weight Reduction Pocketing

Available Sizes:

Available Options:
Any Custom Color Configuration Available

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