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[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]For Sale: 2 x [/background][background=rgb(246, 246, 246)] DW65C Fuel pumps w/ Jacks O-rings[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Condition: New still sealed[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Reason For Selling: Decided to go bigger setup so these won't work for my needs[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Shipping: Lower 48[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Price: $285 shipped[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Payment: Paypal - gift or add 3% for PayPal fees[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]Notes: Jacks O-rings are New and have invoice included, they cost $25.00[/background]

[background=rgb(246, 246, 246)]*PENDING SALE*[/background]


1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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