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I've had my GT-R for just about 2 months, I'm about 200 miles from completing my break in and about to schedule my first service. I love the recommended break in process. I've never driven a car where they define such a specific break in process and tell you to drive in low gears so early in the engine's life.

While I'm not doing anything close to redline in the lower gears, it is amazing to finally start feeling the launch power (personally, I'll be holding off on LC until after 1200 miles). I had it out this afternoon and went 0-50 (yes 50) and was really impressed by the smooth shifting of the transmission through 3rd gear to get there - what a beast.

It is apparent that the break in is actually taking effect (early on the transmission was definitely a bit clunky) and the suspension setup definitely varies between the three settings so riding in COMF mode is definitely breaking in suspension. It is still wild to me that I can push a button and see a significant difference in ride feel. How many cars can boast that stock?

Anyway, had to gush a bit there. This car is very special and those of us lucky to have one should feel the same!
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