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bryansbestwax vs 2010 Black Acura TL

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This was a referral from another client who was very happy with the job I did on his car a few months ago. The car was in decent shape but was starting to suffer from some moderate swirling. Started out with a DA and green GI pad (first generation) and when I went to change to a new green GI pad the foam was different. The new foam left a lot of marring and the foam itself was much more rough to t he touch. So after about 1/3 of the car was done, I flipped over to a rotary.

See if you can tell what was polished with what.

Sun shots at the start

Stripped and brought inside under the lights

50/50 of the right fender

a window of opportunity for polishing, pun intended

The disappearing bottle, thought the pic was funny

Presto, back again

Front door done, back door not done

Rear Quarter damage

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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