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I know there is a pinned topic "what do you do for a living".

I'd like to see if anyone here can connect with each other in business.
Good ol' fashioned networking.

Maybe I can create categories to put people in - so they can get ahold of each other.

Just a thought.

Maybe people can post what type of business they are in and what needs they might have.
What are you looking for? What type of people do you need to meet to move forward?


Again, it's a thought and maybe it will help some people connect and put together some deals.

This isn't necessarily for ME - but maybe the forum has a collective group of people that need each other
and that can help each other.

Side note: Maybe there are people here that perform services that others need like:
marketing, web design, SEO, PR etc.

I'll go first:

Name: Aron
Location: Midwest

Occupation: Self employed.
Area: Online investing. Web properties, domain names etc.


What I need: Nothing right now.
Always open to talking to others who might want to invest in this space (virtual property).
Our company is an authority on domain and online property values and acquisitions.
I really have no needs right now.

Hoping others can jump in and maybe make some connections.

Linkedin of the NAGTROC.

Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Developers etc.
You never know what a connection might produce.

Good luck.

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