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Continuing our varying trend of monthly package discounts here is another one for some of you guys that might wanna get the most out of your stock turbo GT-R.

This package is a full bolt on flex fuel package which includes every single item you need to bring your stock GT-R up to the FBO E85 level. When we're tuning these cars, typical results on our AWD Dynojet range from 620-650whp.

Now we know there are a lot of options out there as far as different components that can make up this package. If you already have some current parts and want to add to them we are happy to work with you. As you can see the components below have been hand selected. We like these manufacturers and their parts having tried nearly everything there is to try in the industry. They aren't the most expensive and certainly not the cheapest, however they are what we consider the best quality for our clients money. Not to mention, they perform!

So take the guesswork out of deciding which parts work well and which ones don't and go with a proven package!

Please remember, if you are looking to work in stages toward a future power goal you should give one of us a call at the shop. One of our best assets is our ability to guide a client down a modding path that will minimize them spending the money twice or purchasing unnecessary parts. Feel free to call or email in anytime and use us for that knowledge.

C630 Package Includes:

  • Cicio Performance Intakes

  • ETS Downpipes

  • HKS Non-Resonated Midpipe

  • Cicio Performance Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

  • Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit

  • ID1300X Injectors

  • GT1R Flex Fuel Kit

  • COBB or EcuTek Tuning Software

Link to site Below:

Cicio C630 Package

Let us know If you have any questions!







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