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Sales Price: $67,999
Miles: 18,xxx
VIN: JN1AR5EF8BM240349
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Private Sale
Clean Title
No Accidents

Local Pickup: Yes
Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer)
Will You Ship International: No
Payment: Cashiers check/Wire/Bank Transfer
Contact Method: Email
Trades: No
Will You Allow Test Drives: Yes, for a serious buyer with deposit


Just purchased this car almost two months ago. It's awesome. Extremely clean, warrantied, and runs flawless. Had a PPI done at FFTEC and the car had perfect compression, 153/154 across the board. The only items that show wear are the front rotors, and the tires have a few thousand miles left on them. I have a nice set of MPSS in 265/315 with 70-80% that I'll throw in with the deal. Reason for selling is that I have other projects going on and plan on doing a build on another GTR. Most of the following is from the previous owners ad and is all accurate/updated. Email or text with any questions 520-44-9-10 sixtythree

Up for grabs is my 2011 Nissan GT-R PREMIUM in Gunmetallic Paint, Black Leather/Suede Interior with just 18k miles. Clean Title, No Accidents, No stories, just a perfect example.

This GT-R is enthusiast owned, FULL maintenance done religiously and all recorded with documentation. All recalls performed at Boardwalk Nissan. It's been taken care of on the HIGHEST level. More attention and care was put into this car than even myself. It is only driven maybe once a month on sunny days and immediately detailed and put back in the Garage under a Genuine OEM GT-R Cover. It never touched rain. Not even a piece of lint is allowed inside. Still smells like a brand new car, no joke. It is IMMACULATE inside and out.

I also purchased a 5 Year FULL EXTENDED Gold Warranty that is good up to the END of 2019! This was an additional $6k dollar package and is completely transferable to the new owner. It covers the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, EVERYTHING. This car has been bulletproof and extremely solid so I'm quite confident you won't even need it, but it's good piece of mind to have.

This GT-R started out bone stock and stayed that way for the most part until just recently when I decided to add more power after lots of researching.

This 2011 GT-R Premium has around 650bhp and 650lbs of torque and will blow the doors off ANY year stock GT-R. It will run 10 second 1/4 miles all day long on street tires, full interior on pump gas and do 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds while driving BETTER than stock. I say it drives better than stock because the TCM and ECU have been fine tuned to shift smoother and drive better. I've also stayed away from using E85 and only ran pump fuel. Again, this car has never seen E85. Only 91 and 94 octane gas to keep it clean and normal.

These are the mods on the car:

- EcuTek Custom GTC Ben Linney Tune 91 & 93 Octane Maps
- AAM Competition Resonated 3.5" Inch Mid-Pipe
- Boost Logic 3" Inch Turbo Inlets
- GotBoost 3" Inch Intake System
- Bosch 1050cc EV14 7-Hole Injectors
- C7 Full Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler / Side Skirts / Rear Valance
- 3M Clear Bra on entire front clip

Other than the 3M Clear Bra which was installed when the car was practically brand new, all the other mods and tuning have less than 2k miles on them! They're nearly brand new. Over $10k of Brand New parts with receipts and that's not even including the labor cost which was several thousands more. Work was done at one of THE BEST GT-R tuning shops in the Bay Area, FFTEC Motorsports and Boardwalk Nissan themselves. Quality parts, quality installs and quality tuning. Ben Linney from GTC is one of the BEST GT-R tuners on the planet with a huge reputation in the community. He fine tuned the car with several logs to back it up. The car runs like a champ and is extremely RELIABLE. There is zero knock, A/F is 100% perfect, no exhaust or air leaks anywhere. Temperature for oil, coolant and transmission have NEVER even gotten CLOSE to overheating. It's extremely strong.

The car is also updated with a TCM (Transmission) tune to make it drive even better and increase reliability. The tune smoothens out clutch points to give better drive-ability. It also comes with LC5 aka Launch Control version 5 that 2013+ Models come with, but is even better because you can switch RPM launches on the fly depending on the road condition. It launches PERFECT and better than any other, yet puts less strain on the clutch and transmission than earlier model GT-R's to keep it more reliable than ever. The car was only launched twice its entire lifetime and that was after LC5 was installed a few weeks ago to test it . You don't have to have the slightest worry about anything getting abused. Again, this car was treated like a princess and still is. There is absolutely no abuse or tracking done on this car.

I am not a fan of cracking open motors or doing serious modifications too far beyond factory specs so I chose to modify this car to retain the best long term reliability by keeping the motor, transmission and turbo's stock and intact while still putting down big but very safe numbers by upgrading other restrictive components that bottleneck the GT-R's performance. The motor and transmission were never dropped ever. Fully intact from the factory till this day and all seals original. This is PERFECT for those wanting a GT-R that's much faster than a stock one, but doesn't want a heavily modified GT-R that had motors torn apart with several stock components that went in and out and tampered with.

This car was also updated with 2015 GT-R Bellhousing and brand new Carbon Fiber Driveshafts from Japan under the TSB Warranty and the job was done by Boardwalk Nissan of Redwood City. A very nice bonus knowing these are brand new. Full oil change, filters, transmission and differential fluids, coolant and brake fluids were done fresh. All original body parts, paint, glass, etc. Not even a hairline scratch. Again, I have receipts and documentation of everything that was done, which will come with the car for your record. This car has ZERO problems. You buy it, drive it and don't have to do a single thing but enjoy it.

Aesthetic wise, everything was kept stock except for upgrading the front lip spoiler, side skirts and rear valance to FULL Carbon Fiber pieces from C7 CF. These are OEM spec and identical to the OEM pieces but is pure carbon fiber. It really enhances the appearance and is a great bonus. This was several thousands of dollars. Also, 3M Clear Bra was installed on the entire front clip to add protection against road debris and weather to keep the original paint in perfect condition. This was several thousands of dollars also. The 5 Year extended warranty and mods alone were $20k+ ON TOP of the price of the car.

I'm asking $67,999. You'll be saving a TON of money by purchasing this GT-R that already comes with $20k worth of bonuses plus a longer warranty. You just can't go wrong.

This car was was inspected at FFTEC slightly over a month ago and the car is flawless. Compression was 153/154 across the board. The only items on the car that are slightly worn are the tires and the front rotors. Rotor rings can be had online for less than $1,000 and I have a nice set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 70-80% tread left.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. No joy rides or test drives unless you bring proof of having funds and you're serious about purchasing the GT-R.
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