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If you ever are in Cali and see one of these trucks, its just like CHP/State Police but they like to act like traffic cops.

From the back it just looks like a normal GM pick up truck.

taking some back roads today at a nice pace and one of these pops out of nowhere, and was being followed, thinking to myself did I stop and fish something or take a boat somewhere today. nooooooo so, eventually it pulls over and open it up again and to my supprise in my review again fishandgame, I said enough pulled over got something to drink and got back on the road and that dreaded feeling when you see a Honda CRV driver just passing you and there goes any chance of legally passing that *****hole, so fell in behind the CRV and we both cought up to the Fish and game truck again, but wait, there must have been something wrong with the CRV driver as this person was starting to drive fairly close, I fell back and the area we were approaching is a narrow 2 lane highway, and right as soon I did this a red car coming at all of us pass and over a car on double yellows and the fish and game cop lit up his lights and was slowing to make his u -turn with lights on - the driver / idoit in the CRV decided to pass and overtake the Fish and game truck while it had its lights and siren on so Im about 5 cars back and i just watching all of this go down - all of this for chasing down a person who pass and overtook a car illegally.

Fishandgame went after the red car that pass illegally and I carried on the way catching up to the CRV driver

some people.
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