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Calling all GT-R and Skyline Owners: Meet up at Coronado Festival of Speed in San Diego!

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Attention all GT-R and Skyline owners!!!

The Coronado Festival of Speed is asking for a club of Nissan GT-Rs and Nissan Skylines owners to come and display our cars as part of the festivities on September 24th and 25th.

The Coronado Festival of Speed takes place at the North Island Naval Air Station on the above dates as part of the the San Diego Fleet Week activities. As we all know, our cars are very special to those service men and women stationed in Japan.

I'd like to get as many owners from the San Diego and Southern California to show up as possible. But to be placed in the GT-R corral, you will need to contact me ASAP so I can place you and your car on the list.

Please note that admission into the car corral does not include a ticket to the vintage car races.

Please contact me through this website, or search for
San Diego GT-R and Skyline owners needed for the Coronado Festival of Speed
on facebook and add yourself there.

Thanks in advance and please spread the word.
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