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Hey Guys,

Was hoping someone could help me with a best route to take for my annual golf trip. I am looking for a fun and scenic drive on the way to me and my buddies Annual Golf trip.

I lucked out and don't have to drive 4 people so I'm able to take the GTR and 1 person.

I live in Alpharetta Ga, about 20 minutes north of Atlanta. I will be traveling to Lake Lure NC (Rumbling Bald Resort). Leaving Thursday (Sept 3) morning

Fastest Highway route looks to be about 3.5 hours. I'd like to take a scenic route and keep it under 5 hours. I haven't spent very much time in the mountains so am unsure which roads to take and which to avoid, maybe there is a nice photo op along the way? If anyone could give me a hand and point me in a good direction I'd definitely appreciate it!

Also, i have considered Tail of the Dragon but it looks like it is a little out of the way so may have to do that another time.

Thanks again!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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