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Hey guys,

So all my life, I've lived in a house in a suburban area, plenty of spaces to do whatever I wanted,

including washing my car. thus, I have never went to automated car wash, or hand-washing and detailing places.

However, month ago, I moved to an apartment, and now they are forbidding my car washing activities.

I wanted to ask ya'll who take the car to someone/where else to be cleaned:

Where do you go? any MUST AVOID places? How are the self-carwash bays in the neighborhood?

What do you recommend as for general car washing? (automated soft cloth, laser/touch-less wash, hand wash, etc)

If any of you are in boston area, (I live in Newton/Watertown area) do you have your favorite place?

Sorry for question bombing, but being new to this whole trusting someone else for a car wash is a bit

extraordinary for me...

What u all think??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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