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Ok up for sale is a lightly used wet carbon turn lid. The trunk lid is 8.6lb, the stock trunk, wing and taillight is 21lb.

The finish is nice, The fit is also nice. Neither is 100% perfect OEM but for an aftermarket piece the fit is the best I have seen. It required very minor adjusting to fit, once adjusted it fits rather nicely.

It was installed for ascetics and 1/4 mile performance It did pickup approx .75 to 1 mph 1/4 mile in my testing.

The factory hinges and trunk release bolt to it.

$600 shipped in the lower 48.

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Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Grille
Water Automotive tire Plant Wood Tints and shades
Water Window Shade Mesh Wood
Automotive parking light Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Land vehicle

PM me or eMail me for any questions.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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