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Hi there

browsing the net for the solution to fix my ABS problem( common DTC C1111 on early GTRs) i found that some of the BMW guys have the similar problem.
And to my surprise it looks like they using very similar or probably the same DC motor as we have in our cars. Also the whole ABS unit looks almost identical as well.
This was very informative thread i have found:
Basically the main problem with this DC motor is Brushes. They stuck and the whole unit stops functioning.
To fix this you have to take ABS unit down, detach electrical motor and dissemble it and put everything back together.
This repair doesn't cost much, hardest part for me was attaching motor back to the unit, but im happy how it looks now:

if you dont wanna mess with the motor you can get cheap one from same BMW or 2011 Fiesta, probably more vehicles have it as well.
Btw there are few videos on youtube regarding this topic:
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