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went up to charlotte this weekend to attend the first big CIN Motorsports open house. CIN stands for Chevy Infiniti Nissan and they do a great job servicing the greater charlotte area as well as bringing in long distance customers as well. they ran their dyno all day long doing both straight dyno pulls and simulated quarter mile times. there was also a big chilli competition with the proceeds going to charitable causes. all kinds of people showed up sunday morning with a wide variety of cars. take a look at the album for more!


CIN Motorsports Open House & Dyno Day - 11/13/11 - JPMcG Photography


1. Sean's carbon fiber FD caught many an eye over the course of the day

2. Momentum Performance came in force as an event sponsor bringing not only their track/test mule turbo 350z, but lots of give aways too

3. Graham blending the perfect (though not winning) chilli

4. Tim had his 370z cleaned up nicely for the event sporting a more track prepped interior than the last time i saw it

5. One of the cleanest FD's i've ever seen...

6. this G37S sure did make a lot of noise on the dyno

7. Jose's turbocharged RX8

8. several MkIV Supra's were there as well, this one's tag caught my eye

thanks for looking!
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