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Hi all, unless someone is jerking me around, I should be flying up to pick up a black on black 2012 this coming weekend in Georgia and driving it back to Florida. So, assuming the transaction goes through today, do you all think I should have a clear bra installed at the dealer before I pick the car up? And if so, I could use some recommendations for reputable installers in the Atlanta area. Or, should I hope for the best and drive it back first so I can have my normal wizard detailer give the car the once over before putting a clear bra over whatever the dealer calls clean?

Third question, what areas of the car should I have covered? On my current cars I have ground up to 2/3 hood, front quarter panels and rear quarter panels behind the tires and mirrors. I have had a couple dings along whatever you call the area closest to the ground between the front and rear wheels (base board?) but figure different cars may be more susceptible to dings in different areas.
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