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Ahhh, if only all c63's we're so pretty. I've found that after doing close to 100 of these that you can actually squeeze in some balls in back even though it's a high offset setup there is a secret recipe for offset / wheel size that i believe we've mastered : )

Here's a good example of our ADV5.0 Trak Function "Aggressive" fitment C63 setup - 3.5" lip in back! Finally a C with some beef! Big thanks to the WB mafia for helping us with the experimentation, we truly love you guys :bow1:

ADV.1 Trak Function 5.0TF
19x9 / 10.5
brushed centers w/ polished lips

WB has 2 more sets in stock for an C and C63 owners who would like to install some manhood on their benzos. Call Jon or Ben for a doctors appt. if so -

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