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Hi, I searched but couldn't get a good reply on this topic:
I just reflashed my 2014 GTR with the AP Stage 2+ tune. It has Cobb 3" intakes, AMS Downpipes, an AAM midpipe.
I also put my rear O2s on the end of minicat spacers, to really make sure I didn't run into catalytic converter related check engine lights. No luck; within maybe 300 miles of driving a got a check engine light, with the following DTCs; P2096 and P2098.
My question:
Do ALL cars running cat less downpipes throw those check engine lights, even when tuned to Stage 2 via the accessport? Are those error codes *unavoidable* unless disabled via a protune???
According to cobb, "Stage 2" is for cars running downpipes, so it should not throw a code. Or did they mean only catted downpipes?

Any insight would be much appreciated...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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