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The beta cobb can put 2012 software on your 2009 in beta but it can't adjust the trans settings like prior versions (yet)... Should be fixed soon. Ecutek does this but doesn't have the ability to do email tunes yet (waiting for ecutek to make a cable).
You will love both solutions. Tho ecutek is going to have more transmission related functions in a few months. Both will void warranty if your going to tune it... Some have got work done under warranty. Just saying there is more than just cobb with some good stuff.
Some threads for reading. Plenty more on this forum... Use the search bar in my signature it works to search this site a little better.

I'd say just by guessing 98% of people on this forum have a cobb tune. Ecutek only got more features to make it more relevant recently... When I mean settings above I mean clutch capacities and touch points which you may want to ask or readup on if you don't know what those are.
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