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There are are other advantages to having an AccessPORT installed on your car, I'll list a few of them below:
  • Ability to read and clear DTCs from numerous modules
  • On the fly map switching. Each map can contain up to 8 different calibrations and you can switch when ever you want
  • Gear vs TP boost multiplier. This table is tunable in the software and can be used to help maintain traction in lower gears while still having higher boost in higher gears
  • Knock flashing. When your car starts to knock and is 1/2 to going into limp mode the boost gauge will flash. While this doesn't make the car more enjoyable to drive it lets you know your headed for limp mode and keep you from having to pull over and clear codes
  • On the MY08-MY10 GT-R you can adjust the touch points and run gear learning to make your drive smother
  • AccessTUNER Race. Not everyone wants or needs a custom tune. With the AccessPORT you have the option to purchase AccessTUNER
Here is a list of things that we are working on
  • Gear learning and touch point adjustment for LC4
  • Adjustable LC RPM. We want to make it part of the switchable mapping
  • Ability to install any TCM as LC4 (this works already, but is waiting for LC4 TP/CC and gear learning to be fully released)

If I think of anything else that makes the GT-R more enjoyable to drive I'll post it.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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