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The days of test tubes and science projects at the gas station are over!
After extensive testing and development since last year, we released our Plug & Play GT-R FlexFuel Kit in January. The kit was met with resounding interest and success from day one but was unfortunately only available to those with custom EcuTek tunes from us. After continued development and refinement of this kit, coupled with the release of RaceRom Phase 3, finally other ProTuners from the around the world have the opportunity to use the same kit with their own custom tunes. With the announcement from COBB Tuning about their Flex Fuel feature soon to be released this kit is no longer exclusive to Visconti customers or EcuTek flashed GT-Rs, which means anyone can take advantage of the benefits it offers. Our kit is the only one available that requires no splicing; no cutting of any wires and is completely plug and play. The wiring harness we include allows for a completely reversible installation with no permanent modifications to any factory parts or wires. We want everyone to have to opportunity to take advantage of these parts, whether you're running a full FlexFuel setup or whether you just need an ethanol gauge. And you have the added flexibility of installing the Zeitronix Gauge anywhere that's most convenient for you. Nobody else can match this flexibility and nobody else allows for the individual purchase of these components. We want to change that. And we want to give everyone the option to buy the pieces they need instead of being forced into buying unnecessary parts.
So what's included:
Each component of the kit is available for individual purchase. Pricing is as follows:
· Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer: $200
· Ethanol Content Sensor (with or without mounting brackets): $150
· Plug and Play Wiring Harness: $30
· Secondary MAF Plug Harness: $200
· Quick Connect Stainless PTFE Return Line with Factory Dampener: $270
So what are the advantages of the complete kit coupled with the Visconti Tuning Calibration:
· Change Cold Start Cranking Compensation based on ethanol content
· Change Maximum Target Boost based on ethanol content.
· Change Ignition timing based on ethanol content
· Change target A/F based on ethanol content
· Change Cam Timing based on ethanol content
· Change Fuel Economy Gauge reading based on ethanol content.
And the advantages of the kit itself extend even further:
· Almost anyone can install the kit themselves; it truly is 'Plug & Play'
· The kit utilizes a top of the line Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer and super slim GM Ethanol Content Sensor.
· The Ethanol Content sensor conveniently mounts on the firewall and is connected to your fuel system by two stainless PTFE fuel lines.
· The Fuel dampener is easily accessible and attached to the back of your fuel rail by two simple 10mm bolts
· Everything plugs directly into the secondary air pump plug which is located next to the battery
Finally, the plug and play kit is $950 plus shipping and is available for both left and right hand drive GTRs.

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