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I will leave the details for the official announcement coming out on the NAGTROC main page in the next couple of days, but its times to start the build thread for our new GTR!

This thread will be updated as often as possible and will be your source to all the info on the build up of GOTO:Racing's unlimited Time Attack GTR. We will have pics of the entire build process, as well as a running list of parts being used on the car and sponsor updates. So lets get to it!

Current Parts list as of 11/29/09:

Engine - COBB Surgeline Built Shortblock with Forged Rods and Pistons, Stock heads
Turbo's - AMS Performance w/ upgraded wastegate actuators
Injectors - Injectordynamics 2000cc
Fuel pumps - Dual Bosch 44 Mounted on a Surgeline Custom Surge Tank
ECU - Stock with COBB AccessPort
Data Aquisition and display - Motec ADL2
Intakes - COBB Cold Air Intakes
Intercooler hard pipe kit - COBB Tuning
Downpipes - COBB Tuning 3" Cat-less
Midipipe - COBB Tuning 3.5" non-resonated
Oil Cooler - Brooks Motorsports Engineering, LLC
Diff Cooler - Brooks Motorsports Engineering, LLC
Rear Diff Cooler - Brooks Motorsports Engineering, LLC
Tranny Fluid - Willall Victory Spec
Engine oil - Willall 10w60
Differential Fluid - Willall
Transmission Clutch Packs - SSP Race

Shocks - JRZ Triples
Springs - Hypercoil
Sway Bars - Brooks Motorsports Engineering, LLC Adjustable w/endlinks
Tires - Toyo RA-1's 335 Front and Rear
Brake rotors - Performance Friction stock replacement rotors supplied by MBS
Brake Pads - Performance Friction supplies by MBS

Body - AIT Widebody kit
Rollcage - GT:R Fabrication custom
Seat - Racetech 4009HR
Harnesses - Racetech 3" 6 point
Fuel Cell - stock during development with custom COBB Tuning Surgline surge pot
Aero - AIT front splitter, Rear Aeromotions wing

Please support the build of this car by spreading the word on the pile of take off parts for sale here

[/I]Now on to the pics...

10 Minutes off the showroom floor and the last time it will look like this...

Removing the back seats and carpet revealed the amazing amount of chassis bracing in this car...

The pile is growing...

Yes its all for sale

Dash bar pulled out of the way to remove heater core, blower motor, etc...

Back at GOTO/GT:R Fabrication's Shop in Scotts Valley, CA...

All body panels removed revealing the cast aluminum shock towers! Pretty cool...

So easy to work on so far...

No extra radiator shrouding needed here...

Next step - Removal of stock wiring harness, pull engine, then time for the cage. Check back soon.

-Brian Lock

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Wow......yup i agree i think your warranty is already out the door....
But nice work.. Please continue to update the post with images. i wanna see the outcome. Nice Job.

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Roll cage tubing ordered today, will have it on Monday so some cage pics will be popping up next week. Motor is coming out this weekend probably, I will post some pics.

-Brian Lock
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