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COBB Tuning Surgeline Changing Hours of Operation!

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COBB Tuning Surgeline is pleased to announce that we will be changing our hours of operation!

To better serve and accommodate our customers, we will be switching to a Tuesday through Saturday work schedule! In the past, we have operated on a Monday through Saturday schedule, but have had extremely limited services available on Saturdays. With the new Tuesday through Saturday schedule, we will be offering full services (Office/Labor/Tuning) from 10AM-6PM. We hope that Saturday availability will be very convenient for our customers who have a difficult time getting their cars down to us on a weekday for service and tuning.

Starting October 17th, 2011, we will be switching to this schedule. Moving forward, we will be closed to the public on Sundays and Mondays in order to focus on internal R&D projects and various shop tasks.

Please feel free to start scheduling for Saturday appointments! If you have any questions, let us know and we'll gladly answer them!

COBB Tuning Surgeline
[email protected]

Tues-Sat- 10AM-6PM
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