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Selling this setup out of my car, nothing wrong with anything.

Here's what all I have:
Traqmate Sensor Unit with all wiring
Traqmate Display Unit with all wiring
Traqsync cable (connects chase cam for auto record/sync and includes RPM connection)
GPS Antenna
Chasecam PDR 100 with a 4 gig memory card with all wiring
Memory Card Reader
Chasecam Bullet Cam with all wiring
Traqstudio software
Dual Cigarette lighter connection for both TM and CC.

Here's the link for the CC/PDR stuff:

Traqmate's site has all the prices for all of there stuff

If you add it all up I think it costs about $2,400 for everything.

I'd like to get $1,400 for everything

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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