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Concept Ferrari. This is very different.

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Coach-builder Gullwing America has announced its new project, this one-off Ferrari F-340 Competizione, based on the 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlineta.

That 1952 model was built for competition in the Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico. Only 3 exemplars of the car were ever made.

Proprietor, Arturo Alonso, from the San Antonio, Texas-based Gullwing America, will be re-inventing the model using modern technology. The car will be based on a 456 Ferrari platform that will be re-bodied in aluminum and hand-made by Australian Mark Nungent. New additions will include a diffuser, rear spoiler, side vents and front splitters.

Power will come from a 5.4 liter V12 producing 476 PS (350 kW / 470 hp) coupled to an original 6-speed manual transmission. Modern tech on the car will include the brakes and taught suspension.

On the inside, the look will remain close to the original car but will feature modern touches such as the carbon fiber seats, a roll bar, a special luggage set and chronometers.
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Interesting looking car....

(That's about as nice as my comments are going to get)
I like it, reminds me of:
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Knock-off wheels look great.
I think it looks pretty cool! Definitely an old school look with new technology hopefully implemented well.
Very cool. Only part I don't like is the roofline. I know they are going for a very retro look, but that front windshield should have a lot more angle to it.
its like an old Ferrari banged a 1967 Mustang and then a 458 stepped in to join them, and only gave them its tail lights :p
I like it!!
i like lots about it, but those front fenders are ridiculous (not in a good way).
I Iike!!
instead of going futuristic their going retro
Interesting looking car....

(That's about as nice as my comments are going to get)
I'm with Jasper on this one
Cruella de Vil called, she wants her car back.
The X5M/X6M side grill is out of place
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