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Rolling the dice...

I picked up a 2006 Noble M400 back around May of this year. I've put around a thousand miles on it since then. The plan has been to have a scary-fast street car and a great track car. And this car has both fronts covered 100%. I should be really happy because the M400 is an amazing car. I've never driven anything nearly this fast before (it's lightly modded and making 425whp for a 2500 lb car) and it's a blast to drive. I had an 07 Exige before and the M400 handles so well it makes the Exige seem unbalanced. The M400 is everything the Exige should have been. (I loved my Exige so I was shocked when I drove the M400).

Aside from a few rock chips on the lower rocker beneath the doors and a couple chips on the wheels from normal wear and tear, the only real defect on the entire car is a crack in the front-passenger headlight lens. This was there when I bought the car and apparently 85% of Nobles (excluding the new M600) have a cracked lens. It's due to heat buildup in the lens case. And the lens is a challenge to replace so most owners just leave it, especially if the car will see track duty. The car is in tip-top shape and runs really really strong. I've got all the maintenance up to date with new plugs, belts, oil-filter, etc etc. I've updated the stereo with an ipod/Pandora Pioneer unit, a new Momo wheel, new shift knob, and better pedals (the included Momo pedals made heel-toe a near impossibility..that is fixed now).

It's a true needs-nothing car. And it'll out pace anything from a Lamborghini to a medium displacement motorycle up to 100mph.

So why am I here then... Lately I've started thinking that getting a little more comfort with my boost would be a good thing. Plus, now that our kiddo is in a forward-facing child seat, it would be awesome to be able to take the family somewhere in MY car for a change (I've had two-seater mid-engine cars for about 5 years now). So before I go buying track wheels and slicks and track time, etc for the Noble, I thought I'd test the waters for a GT-R. And I would not track the GT-R nearly as much I intended to do with the M400. But it's still a great car for the occasional trackday and ultimately that may suit my schedule and priorities better these days.

So after lurking for a while I'm thinking I want either a modded 09 w/ 500-600whp and an upgraded transmission, or a 2010 with very light mods (intake, exhaust, cosmetics, wheels) and < 20,000 miles.

I'm thinking my car + some cash on top depending on what comes in the package.

If anyone is interested I can give you tons more details about my car and we can discuss further. I'm more inclined to do this if I can trade, rather than outright sell my car, if only because I want to indulge the impulse and not wait and wait and wait. If it comes to that I'd rather track the car for a season or two and then sell it.

The GT-R has taunted me for a while. I had an 06 350Z that I Nismo'd out big time and loved that car. And I have followed these cars since the R32 days. I'm only a teensy bit concerned about the size and weight of the car but the performance reviews speak for themselves. Otherwordly is otherwordly and I think I'd like to see what that is all about.

•Originally built and maintained by Aaron at Speed Factory in OH. This car has always been owned by forum members. I am the 4th owner.
•7500 miles (1200 put on by me)
•Upgraded intercooler
•Intercooler fans with on/off in the cockpit
•Upgraded axle bolts
•Hoover's brake cooling ducting in the front
•Tunnel mod
•Brand new slotted rotors from Hoover on all 4 corners with less than 1000 miles on them. When the 4 rotors were upgraded the brakes were all rebuilt as well.
•6k HIDs (see pics)
•Bosch fuel pump with Hoover's fuel line.
•Momo steering wheel, Ultimate Pedals pedals, and TWM shift knob. Looks awesome! (see pics). I still have the original steering wheel if you prefer.
•Originally remapped by Troy and later remapped by Seth at VIR in 2010. The map is a conservative 1 bar and dynoed at VIR at 426WHP.
•Stripes are vinyl and can be removed if not to your liking
•5 point harness in driver and passenger sides. Also has the original seat belts for street convenience.
•Exhaust is a straight pipe with catalytic converters still in place. The exhaust sounds great but isn't too loud
•Car has been registered in Ohio and Maryland and Louisiana has an OH VIN. Registering was no problem.
•No squeaks or rattles.
•Roll bar has been padded
•Aluminum large capacity (8q) high-g oil pan

Here's a few pics. PM me if interested. Thx for reading!

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