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To facilitate as in an auto Broker?

The crew at either Velocity Cars from Burnaby B.C. and B-Pro Auto... located in Calgary Alberta might be willing to assist you.

Just Google them.

Can also do it yourself.
Just contact the Border Crossing you would like to use and confirm with them that they handle importation of vehicles, as not all Canadian Border Crossing do so.
Call them up and they will forward you all the required documents and or provide instructions on where to download them off their website and confirm with them the importation fee percentage and of course you will need to pay the standard 5% GST that we have in Canada.
Remember, Canadian border crossings require a min 48 hrs notice prior to arrival with your car (CBSA doesnt like surprises lol)
And you will need the Clearance / Conform Letter from Nissan Consumer Affairs with your VIN number. The GTR hotline phone number (1-866-668-1487 or 1-615-725-1000) will email you this letter within the day.
The only item that is the usually hang-up is the DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) which you will most likely need done prior to hitting the border. Its just basically a relay thats installed - any reputable shop should be able to handle that.
Best of luck.
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