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The aftermarket wheel industry is one filled with mostly private label companies that act as marketers for the very few manufacturers that invested millions in R&D, equipments and time into creating a solid business. You have seen dozens of horror stories about companies ripping off customers, about lack of quality control over very highly priced wheels. In our opinion this is totally unacceptable and as a result we have partnered with one of the few actual wheel manufacturer in the business COR Forged/AXIOM.

We are offering extremely aggressive pricing for NAGTROC members on this new 2012 collection. You will not see wheels of this quality at such a price anywhere else!

View all COR Forged wheels:

About COR Forged/APP:

COR Forged is the wheel company of Aluminum Precision Products which provides forgings for various industries.


Aluminum Precision Products, Inc. (APP) began operations in 1965 servicing the aerospace and defense industries. From early on APP established itself as a leader in closed and open-die forgings in aluminum and titanium.

In the early 1990′s APP began producing forged wheel blanks for FORD, GM and CHRYSLER. By 1998 APP was producing finished 1-piece forged wheels and center discs (for 2-piece and 3-piece modular wheels) for both the automotive and motorcycle aftermarkets.

Today, APP has a range of one-piece wheels in sizes 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, and 22″ for street applications and 18″, 19″, 20″, and 22″ flat face and motor sport applications. Center disc sizes for three-piece and two-piece modular wheels range from 15″ through 26″.

APP FORGED WHEELS are distributed throughout the world, helped by our associate company in Italy APPTECH SRL, which finishes wheels for the elite high-end automotive, and motorcycle markets. Our customers include AEZ Leichtmetal, AVUS Racing, Mercedes AMG, Lamborghini, Pagani ZONDA, and automotive tuners; Carlsson, Sportec, RUF, Strosek with applications for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, VW, and motorcycle wheels for Brembo, RC Components, and Performance Machine.
About COR International

COR International was founded by a team of veteran wheel enthusiasts with a commitment to produce the very finest street and competition wheels. We enthusiastically accepted the risk of reaching for unparalleled heights in engineering, and our clients are the winners. Every aspect of our products from conception to design, engineering to manufacturing, finishing to assembly is performed in-house by our seasoned team of wheel experts, boasting over 60 years of combined experience. Members of this elite family have been involved in all aspects of automotive wheels, including the Street aftermarket, OEM, Indy Car Racing, Grand American, and the pinnacle of competitive motor sports, Formula One.

Throughout their careers, they have consistently set the bar higher for the competition by developing new ways to lighten, strengthen,and more accurately fit their applications. This passion has driven COR International to become the leading manufacturer of forged wheels in the USA, manufacturing both private label and COR branded wheels for a variety of clients in multiple continents. The COR line of wheels exploits the very finest materials, culminating in an exquisitely refined product that embodies the team’s lifelong pursuit of excellence.
In an effort to continually offer our customers more innovative products and quicker turnaround times, we are pleased to announce the commencement of Monobloc manufacturing out of our East coast facility. In order to achieve this new milestone, Axiom has made significant investments in their production infrastructure as well as their forging inventory.

A brand-new state of the art FEMCO lathe will now join our existing milling capacity located in our Miami facility and will serve to complement our existing lathe and milling capacity in our West coast facility. Together, Axiom is able to offer cutting edge designs, in sizes from 18" through 26" diameters and service both major coasts.

Our international clientele will also experience reduced transit times and shipping costs by allowing us to service our European and South American customers directly from our Miami facility, and our Asian clientele from our West coast facility.
COR Forged's brand new 2012 collection - ready to be cut right now!

COR Bayonet

COR Focus

COR Majestic

COR Millenium

COR Nove

COR Pioneer

COR Vento

Our favorite: The COR Forma

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