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I know this guy "personally" as well, David Brown from Charleston right? He tried to sell me a bunch of his ragged out used '09 GTR parts for almost full price before he traded it in plus 2 other cars for the 2017 one thats toasted now. I hate to see this happen and I'm glad he is ok. He is lucky he hit a tree and didnt lose his life.

I've been racing for years and I know this area very well as I've primarily raced 1000cc+ bikes on it. Cars go off the side on a day to day basis and the road will eat up unexperienced drivers for lunch. A freak accident is a tree falling in front of you or an animal running across the road and having to avoid the obstacle at the last given second. A freak accident is not trying to show off for the cameras and going WOT coming out of a turn. Every road has debris on it and I'm sure the police report will denote what was found.

The only time you'll see the rear of a stock GTR kick out like that is when your VDC is off. Which would be the dumbest thing to do on a road like this unless if you are a professional driver.
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