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Here are highlights of the recent Dig Or Roll 2 events put on by SlipStream Racing Events. There are still more videos coming but these are some good ones to start. I recommend anyone to come to one of these events whether to spectate or race. Everything runs smooth and it is put on by enthusiasts not money hungry people out for themselves. Can't wait for D.O.R. III next season!

Small teaser/highlight video:

1100HP TT Camaro, huge burnouts and racing:

Tractionless 1200WHP Supra:

M3 Blower Battle ESS625 vs. Evolve600:

Camaro ZL1 416ci stock blower [email protected] Krazy House Customs:

Sleeper Audi TTRS APR Stage3 RSWORX putting in work!

1100HP ECS LOMA Z06 Paxton YSi:

700HP Horsepower Freaks Turbo M3 racing everything!

850HP+ Supra winning its class at DOR2:

Rated S 997tt Porsche wins 650hp Class:

600hp E-Spec Evo X races ZR1 Supra M3 & more:

570hp E-Spec Evo X races M3 Z06 & more:

10sec Sleeper Magnacharged/Nitrous SRT JEEP racing M3 Evo Z06 & More:

72mm stock motor E85 Supra racing Porsche/BMW/Vette/Supras:

Big HP Blower Foxbody Mustang almost crashed while roll racing:

Stock turbo e85 GTR goes 10.0:

750HP '13 GT500 doing dig and roll passes:

E-Spec 850HP Eclipse going deep 9's!:

Worlds fastest '14 E63 AMG Renntech tuned & racegas 11.0:

Check back for more videos soon!

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Nice cars out there! I wish we had something around here like this event!
Love the sleeper Srt8!
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