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Damaged Energyzer disc in 4WD clutch, what to do?

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The previous owner of my car was unlucky in the dyno and burned the 4WD clutch. We changed all the plates but found out that the two OEM steel energyzer disc, the one with the special coating, also were burned. This means that the car now has trouble driving in 4WD.

You can get these discs new and there are not aftermarket ones that I know of. How should I proceed from here? I can get a brand new 4WD clutch and use the two energizer discs from that new one but that is almost 5000 dollars (with import tax), which is insane. Any other ideas?

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The picture is pretty blurry, kinda hard to tell - how damaged is the plate/disc? is it still flat? If not warped, or grooved I'd find a lapping plate and lightly resurface it.

Jacks has just about every spare part for these and does sell spares that they've accumulated over the years. Also, linney might have a replacement for these.
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