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DeatschWerks, stand up business!

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Just wanted to say a public thank you to David @DW for the help with their DW301 fuel pumps this afternoon.

I dropped one of the fuel pumps this afternoon while soldering some wiring, cracking the plastic and ruining one of the pumps entirely.

Sent David a quick email letting him know I was in need of a new pump, and he warrantied the pump on the spot....providing me with a brand new pump at zero cost. Didn't expect that, considering the fault was 100% on me.

I know many on here have already had their favorable experiences, but just wanted to say a personal thanks. It's tough finding solid ran tuner businesses in the aftermarket auto industry, and I'm glad we have so many great vendors on this board.
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Appreciate the kind words.

Thank you!

BTW, we want a ride when you get back from tuning. ;)
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