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Hi Guys,

I currently own a 2008 BMW ///M3 with 25,000kms and I am looking to sell her off for the monster. I would appreciate your valuable assistance in helping make my decision on the following purchase that will most likely occur in the next 2.5weeks:
  • MY10 R35 GTR @ 8,500kms: BND135k (USD107k)
  • MY11 R32 GTR @ 0,054kms : BND218k (USD173k)
I do understand the the MY11 has better perks with chassis upgrade, refined interior, aero improvement and engine management yielding 530bhp vs the MY10 however I can't seem to justify the difference in price considering that I will most likely end up doing some upgrades to the vehicle.

Sorry to be a bother but I would like to weigh my much difficult options out with your help.

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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