[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Hello Guys[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]My Name is Deni, and this is my 1200whp+ project build[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Engine Spec:[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-3.8 Manley and Rod set (9.2.1)[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-HTA 3076R Turbo kit from Boost logic[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)] -with ceramic coating all the way.[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Intake Manifold from Boost Logic[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)] -coated to black colour.[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Tomei cams 256/264[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Double springs[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Titanium Retainers[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Race Intercoler from Boost logic[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Fuel System from AMS[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-2000cc ID injectors[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Fuel regulator kit from Weldon[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Fuel Rails from Boost Logic[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-All piping 3 inch[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Cobb 006[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Syvecs Ecu[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]----------------------------------------------------[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Transmission Spec:[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]- 1-6 ppg gear set[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-SVM 1000R clutch include b carrier[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-OS ginken Rear Diff[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-FWD case (Dodson)[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-FWD cluch disks (Dodson)[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-FWD Gears set (Dodson)[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-DSS rear axles (coming soon)[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-DSS front shaft (coming soon)[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-All lock, additional seal etc etc[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]----------------------------------------------[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Suspension: Moton Coilovers.[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]----------------------------------------------[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Visuals: Zele CF front lip, Zele CF Sides,Zele CF Rear, Zele CF Naca Ducts, Zele CF Fender Ducts,Mines CF Rear Wing, Mines CF Mirror covers, Mines CF Grill Stillen Canards(converted to Carbon Fiber). HRE P47 SC Rims[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]----------------------------------------------[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Building Process happening in Panda Performance.[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]i will let you know guys about my every single steps on my Currently and Crazy building .[/background]
[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Personal Thank for this buildnig: [/background][background=rgb(54, 54, 54)][email protected] [/background][background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]and [/background][background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Salem (Dxb 752)[/background][background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]-Thanks and that without you my process wouldn't begin !![/background]

[background=rgb(54, 54, 54)]Thanks to : [email protected] Perfomace (soon i will write separate review about you ), [email protected] (who provide me whole Drivetrain), [email protected] Logic and [email protected] Logic (who provide me whole Engine parts), SpecG (who gives a lot of advice for me), Dino (my Engine builder)[/background]